I’m Jess,

It was my intuition that lead me to essential oils. A deep knowing that in using a product that is derived from Mother Nature herself, I support my body, naturally. A subtle voice that encouraged me to explore an alternate way to nurture and care for myself.


But, let me re-wind. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jessica and I am excited to show you an alternative solution to supporting your health and wellbeing. I believe in essential oils and their ability to heal our bodies and support our minds. In fact, I believe that introducing essential oils into your daily life has the ability to completely change your life.


This has been true for me.


At the age of 20 years old, I found myself with a rather uncomfortable pain in my left eye; so painful at times I wasn’t able to lay on my left side at all. After many tests and visits to my doctor I was told I had a benign tumour in my eye. A diagnosis my 20 year old self was not prepared to hear. However, it was being told that to manage the pain and discomfort moving forward I would need to be taking pain killers – indefinitely – it was then I knew, there had to be another way. I am so grateful to the modern medicine team that was able to support me during this time. But, my heart knew that our bodies are capable of incredibly things when given the right environment to thrive.


Here is the thing – I believe essential oils are not just a “nice to have”. They’re a fundamental component to supporting your physical, emotional and environmental health.


But, not all oils are created the same! It is so important you are selective about which oils you chose. doTERRA essential oils are the purest oils on the plant. Harvested straight from the earth, and extracted in a unique way to preserve the quality of the precious plant power. It is the quality and potency of these beautiful oils that has a way of bringing about more awareness into your life and connecting you back to your body – just the way Mother Nature intended. You cannot use an oil without checking in with yourself – “how am I feeling today?” – and, I love that.


Today, turning to plants – in the form of essential oil has created the foundation of my own health care. I turn to these natural healers for support with my immune system, PCOS and to encourage better sleep, a calmer nervous system and increased energy. I want to show you how they can do the same for you.


Do natural solutions for your health and home excite you? Do you love knowing exactly what you are putting on or in your precious body? Do you believe in the healing power of Mother Nature? These oils have the ability to: ease aches and ailments, soothe symptoms and completely transform your wellbeing.


I can’t wait to share them with you.

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