Want free products? Let’s get you on the Loyalty Rewards Program!

Do you understand dōTERRAs Loyalty Rewards Program?


I didn’t when I first started my wholesale account, so let me break it down SUPER SIMPLE!

Basically, the Loyalty Rewards Program is one of the many ways that dōTERRA shows us how much they value their customers! It gives back to members by giving us discounts, product points, free products and more!

When you are registered for the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will receive:

+ 25% off the retail price
+ 10-30% back of your order in product credits
+ Free product of the month
+ 8% back of your shipping costs in product credits

Each time you process a LRP order over 50PV (product value) you will be eligible to receive a percentage (10-30%) back in product credits. Under 50PV you just get the 8% back from your shipping costs, so you’re still getting free credits!!

You can use your product credits to buy more dōTERRA products, so the more you participate, the more credit’s you’re able to earn!

If you’re purchasing 1-2 oils per month, using the LRP is the best way to buy, otherwise you’ll miss out on all the extras!

So, to break it down:
+ You can receive up to 30% of your PV value of your monthly order
+ Use your credits to purchase more products!
+ You can update and change your order as often as you’d like
+ If you maintain your 50PV order each month, you are qualified to get credits!
+ BUT, you can still maintain your points with an order as little as 5PV.



+ Automatic monthly shipment
+ Ability to change what products you order and how much you spend each month
+ You can order as little as 5PV and maintain your % and your current points
+ Change your order as many times as you want until 24 hours before the processing date
+ Flexibility to change the processing date any time
+ Cancel any time by calling customer service (be sure to ‘spend’ your points beforehand)
+ Option to have more than one LRP each month


How to set up a LRP order


Create an LRP Order:

On the ‘SHOP’ tab, click ‘Create New LRP Order.’ Choose a date you would like your LRP order to run each month. Select a date on or before the 15th of Month and create a LRP Order of 125 PV or more to receive the FREE Product of the Month. Continue shopping and add items to cart. Once finished, click ‘Process as Scheduled’ to set up the new LRP order.

EDIT an LRP Order:

Select the number icon under the ‘Edit’ column on the LRP Order you want to edit. This takes you to the ‘My Cart’ page where you can add or remove products. Click on the red ‘X’ to remove products and click on ‘Continue Shopping’ to add products. Search and add products by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ and when you are done click on ‘Go To Cart’. This takes you back to the ‘My Cart’ page where you can ‘Save Changes’ and ‘Continue’ as per usual. One all changes are made click ‘View Totals’ and ‘Save Changes’ to finish your edit.


You can process your LRP Order so that it ships earlier. On the ‘SHOP’ tab select the LRP number icon under the ‘Edit’ column located on the right hand side of the page.

Make any changes here and then continue to check- out. Here you can push the order to process prior to your scheduled ship date by clicking on ‘Process Order Now’ on the ‘Review Your Order’ page.


Your monthly LRP also supports local growers and distillers of essential oils all over the world. It also provides the opportunity to generate an income for you if you choose to explore this option. It really is the smartest way to order your oils.


I hope this helps you a bit! If you’d like to take advantage of this amazing program let’s sign you up! Go here to get started LET’S GET STARTED!


Jess x