Let’s get sewing!

Living sustainably + ethically. This is something that in the past year has been at the forefront of my mind. I’ve been focusing on reducing the amount of bad chemicals that I put in and on my body, I’ve gone vegetarian (also cutting out dairy 90% of the time) and cut back on the amount of plastic I use. I don’t get it right every day, I sometimes forget my keep-cup, or my reusable shopping bags, sometimes my bank account can’t afford to purchase from ethical stores, or can’t afford the eco-friendly beauty products, but I think the education and awareness are the big factors of change.

Then we get to fashion.. lots of brands have been caught out under paying their staff, having high carbon emissions, chemical usage, water usage.. and more! Many of them are now making amazing changes, which is awesome! This has all gotten me thinking about the impact MY clothing has on the earth, am I recycling it the right way? Am I making smart clothing purchases?

When I was younger, my talented mother taught me to sew, but I was super impatient and my attention span was non existent, and I honestly believed that my friends and people my age would think I was “uncool” for having handmade clothes, even if I made them myself!

But now, I’m starting to really understand the good impact mending/making/tailoring our clothing can make. We can sew a button back onto a shirt rather than buy a new one, we can mend holes, we can create items of clothing out of opshop purchases.. the list goes on! I’m going to start being smarter about my clothing! And this is just the beginning!

I can’t afford to swap over all of the items in my wardrobe to more ethical choices at the moment, but it’s not about doing a complete overhaul. It’s about making choices from now that start change. So, I made this cute top this weekend using a tutorial from @theessentialsclub and was totally impressed! I need to research into getting ethically made fabrics, but every little bit counts!

What are your thoughts? X