New Trend Alert… Celery Juice!

*new trend alert* CELERY JUICE. Okay, when people were saying that drinking a glass of pure celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach would help your digestion, skin, liver, make you lose 5 years off your age, somehow become more beautiful, be a better person…. (some of these may be false) I kinda was intrigued. Mainly because of the skin benefits. Even though my skin is doing A LOT better, my cycle is a lot better than it was (I’ll do another post on this soon), I still want to make sure I’m continuing to look after my talented gut + inner body.

Celery Juice is said to have a wide range of health and nutritional benefits, such as that it is full of antioxidants (that are amazing at fighting off bad things in our bodies), it’s anti inflammatory, it can support your metabolism therefore help with weightless, helps balance the PH in the body, is great for “cleansing” the body, helps support sleep + energy levels and can support kidney and bowel functions. I totally believe in the power of plants/herbs so I really want to see results from this!

Let’s start with the taste – so many people say that it taste like dirt… I beg to differ. I LOVE THE TASTE. I feel like if you take into account the fact that you are really drinking liquidised celery you kinda expect it to taste a little different, but it’s really not that bad. It tastes a lot better than some green juices I’ve had from cafes, that’s for sure. 💁🏼 How to make it: You can use a nutrabullet and then drain the juice out the pulp, but it’s super annoying and tedious and makes you think if it’s worth the time. So, before buying a juicer (because, this is a “new health fad” I just borrowed one off of a friend and have been juicing a bunch of celery, putting it in a glass, and drinking it. Not too much to it. Plus, you look like a totally normal, sane person carrying bunches of celery through the supermarket 🤦🏼‍♀️


So, I’m a couple of days in and I really enjoy having a fresh glass of juice in the mornings, but other than that it’s too early to notice anything drastic. I’ll keep you in the loop as I go! I’d love to hear your experiences if you’re doing this too! 😍