Daily Usage of Essential Oils

When you first receive your Essential Oils, it can be quite overwhelming with how to use them. Trust me, I was like this. I have documented in the video below how I use them + outlined it for you below! Enjoy!




– Diffuse 3 drops of OnGuard where you get ready in the morning to support immune functions
– Roll on ClaryCalm on lower stomach to support hormone balance
– 1 drop of Lemon essential oil in a glass of water to detox + refresh (you can also add a drop to your drink bottle for throughout the day)
– I dry brush and then pop my ‘dry brush’ oil blend onto the areas I’d like to tone up. 5 drops of Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Frankinsense + Zendocrine diluted with FCO

During the day:

– Roll on Motivate or InTune throughout the work day (if you can’t diffuse the oils)
– Diffuse 4 drops of Motivate at your workstation to inspire motivation (you could also use a citrus blend or even Passion!)
– If you’re trying to reduce your sugar cravings pop a drop of Grapefruit into a glass of water and drink!
– If you’re nervous about something pop some Balance on diluted behind your ears or pop 1 drop of frankincense under your tongue
– If you get headaches, use a Lavender rollerball and pop a tiny roll on your temples (not close to your eyes)

After work/Evening:

– I love diffusing 4 drops of Balance around 6o’clock when I want to start winding down for bed.
– I rub OnGuard on soles of my feet before bed for immune support
– I diffuse 4 drops Vetiver, 4 drops of Cedarwood + 4 drops of Lavender and put it on for 10hours (5min blocks) during sleep

List of Essential Oils used:
OnGuard (in Home Essential Kit)
ClaryCalm Rollerball Blend
Lemon (in Home Essential Kit)
Ylang Ylang
Frankinsense (in Home Essential Kit)
Zendocrine Blend
Motivate Blend
InTune Rollerball Blend
Balance Blend
Lavender (in Home Essential Kit)

What is your daily routine? I’d love to hear!

Jess x